Welcome to The Dojo & Fit Club

  • CPR & First-Aid Certified
  • Black-Belt Awarded by the United States Karate Alliance

It is my passion to pass on what I’ve learned about Korean Karate. The opportunity to be such an integral part of my students’ development and growth is something I’m extremely thankful for. Not only do my students aim to eventually become black belts, but they also gain various skills throughout the process. The many health benefits of martial arts include weight loss, increased speed of movement, balance and flexibility, and increased cardiovascular and muscular strength and endurance. Additionally, my students find themselves enjoying their healthy lifestyle, improved self-confidence, discipline, concentration abilities, and the opportunity to have a healthy outlet through which to relieve life’s stressors.

Here at The Dojo & Fit Club, we aim to uphold our values of loyalty, ability, and integrity through everything we do. Our incredibly welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere encourages each of our students to grow their skills in an encouraging environment. We go to national and international competitions so our students can apply and show what they’ve learned throughout their martial arts experience. Although we specialize in Korean Karate with a focus on tournament training, we also teach kickboxing for those who are more interested in the movement benefits of martial arts. Contact us today for Korean Karate classes in The Woodlands, Magnolia, Conroe, and Oakbridge areas!

Train. Excel. Repeat.

Those are the words we live by here at The Dojo & Fit Club. Our students grow their self-discipline and dedication during their time here, and we truly believe that each and every student can excel at the goals we give them and they give themselves.

We believe that the many benefits of Korean Karate will become clear to you as you grow personally and as a martial artist. Give us a call today to sign up for one of our many classes––we can’t wait to meet you!