Welcome to The Dojo & Fit Club

At The Dojo & Fit Club, we help our students reach their fitness goals through training in the martial arts, we build confidence and leadership skills in our youth, and we encourage the development of respect, discipline, and character from every one of our martial artists.

I am very excited to welcome you into our martial arts family! In keeping with our mission statement, my hope is that your experience in the program teaches you much more than simply Korean Karate. While we are studying the physical movements of kicking and punching, karate is more than fighting. The skills you develop extend beyond the ability to kick higher than your own head. (Although that particular skill is fun!) Training in martial arts will take dedication and tenacity. Building the muscular and cardiovascular strength as well as the flexibility required to be an exceptional martial artist takes many years of hard work and every person’s journey towards mastery is unique. As an instructor, nothing is more rewarding than celebrating your successes whether you are here for weight loss, self defense, or tournament participation. Together we will define your successes and make a plan for how best we can achieve your goals. I am looking forward to walking along with you on your path to black belt.

Yours in the martial arts, 

Sensei Loren Lyon

Train. Excel. Repeat.