Program Goals

The Conroe ISD program at The Dojo & Fit Club is designed to train students who are serious about competing in martial arts tournaments nationally. Participants in our program will have a focused study on competition elements: kata (forms), kumite (sparring), and weapons training. They will travel to tournaments across the United States and compete in the national points standings with the United States Karate Alliance where they will be ranked in relation to students from all over the country who are also on competition teams. Their achievements will be celebrated at the USKA World Karate Championships each year during the summer. In addition to the competitive nature of the program, students will also learn the fundamentals of self defense and participate in rank progression. The ultimate goal of the program is to create a strong competition team who will represent The Dojo & Fit Club’s ethos of respect, discipline, and character.

Program Benefits

Training in the martial arts has many physiological and psychological benefits. With consistent effort in practice, students can expect to see an increase in speed of movement, flexibility, balance, and reaction time. Regular exercise increases strength and endurance in both the muscular and cardiovascular systems and helps the body to maintain a healthy weight. Training also gives students a positive environment in which to relieve the day’s stressors and a structured outlet to release pent up anxiety. Martial arts develop many positive habits that help students learn goal setting and discipline in achieving projects that can span several months or even years of work. Skills building and achievement based progression builds self confidence in students and demonstrates the importance of personal responsibility. Students will also learn how to think critically about the practical application of movement and develop public speaking skills.

Student Expectations

Students in the Conroe ISD program at The Dojo & Fit Club are expected to maintain the highest regard of the school’s ethos of respect, discipline, and character while traveling on the school’s competition team in tournaments across the United States. Participants in this program can expect a course of study heavily focused on tournament competition and will be required to attend all United States Karate Alliance sanctioned tournaments in the greater Houston area, most sanctioned tournaments within a day’s drive, and attendance to either the USKA National or World Karate Championships.