Loren Todd Lyon
Loren Todd Lyon joined the Louisiana Tech Karate team in September 2007 looking for a different workout. What she found instead was a love of the martial arts that would forever change the course of her life. Loren began training in earnest under Dr. David Jordan and Buster Cotton the very day of her first lesson. Less than a year after joining the team, she was appointed team President, a position she officially held until May 2012. She was the first female president ever appointed and also the lowest ranked earning the position as a green belt. Loren started teaching Korean karate through the program offered at Louisiana Tech and assisted in those classes every school quarter but two from her junior year through earning her MBA. In doing so, she joined the ranks of many Louisiana Tech Karate Team members to unofficially earn a minor in Karate. Loren began teaching children’s classes in 2011 where she found a whole new side of the martial arts and discovered the joy of teaching children to work to achieve their goals. When her sensei and mentor had to take a medical leave from leading karate classes, Loren took over his school as head instructor where she taught until July 2015 when she moved to The Woodlands, Texas. Her enthusiasm and dedication to the martial arts lead her to open The Dojo & Fit Club with the goal of continuing to teach karate to her community.
David Todd
David Todd began his journey in Kumdo quite unexpectedly and at a later stage in life. He stumbled upon a newly opened Kumdo dojang (school) and stopped to visit because the sword arts had always fascinated him. David immediately began his training under Master Bokhyun (Abraham) Oh and through tireless hard work and dedication earned the rank of Cho Dan very quickly. He has traveled all across the country to compete in tournaments. His journey proves that the martial arts can be a program for anyone regardless of age. Together with Master Oh, David formed the US Kumdo Academy in 2010. Since then, David has worked to spread the ancient art of Kumdo in the community. He has taught in several different schools and venues before finally finding a permanent location at The Dojo & Fit Club.